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Flexible Custom Mirror From Alpha Glass

We can supply mirrors in non-standard shapes to meet your decorating needs, and we also offer custom mirrors that will fit just right even in rooms where surfaces are out of level or out of plumb. Choose from large or small, framed or unframed, polished edge or beveled edge! We want you to order mirrors that you will love, and to facilitate the decision-making process, we offer free in-home consultations. One of our mirror experts will present options, provide information, address concerns, and take the necessary measurements for us to email you a free estimate.

Our custom mirrors glass services are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, home gyms, and closet doors. For any decorative and custom mirrors glass service and installation of any size, Alpha Glass & Mirror can provide mirrors to enlarge your room visually, add sparkle, and reflect colors and designs from your existing furniture. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the mirror for you. From simple mirrors to extra-large wall mirrors to custom designs, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Residential and Commercial Custom Mirrors Glass Services are

We are dedicated to providing our residential and commercial clients with the best glass products. We are highly experienced and great at custom mirrors glass services and installation in different rooms of the house, including:

  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bedroom Mirrors
  • Hallway Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors
Every bathroom has some kind of mirror. Why not turn it into a decorative item as well as a functional mirror? We can create custom mirrors for your bathroom that you will love.

Bedroom Mirrors
Another hot spot for mirror placement in the bedroom. A full-length mirror allows you to check the appearance of a whole outfit, whilst a dressing table mirror proves perfect for putting on make-up and styling hair.

Hallway Mirrors
Often you will find mirrors in the hallway of a house and for a myriad of reasons. Hallway mirrors are often placed just for their aesthetics, along with framed pictures or artwork. A mirror in a narrow hallway will also help it appear wider, and help the light to propagate along the room.

Different Types of Custom Mirrors
Our friendly and professional experts in the DMV area can help you to choose a mirror suited to your needs and wants. There is a vast quantity of mirror types available, a small selection of which include:

  • Antique Mirrors
  • Beveled Mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Lighting Mirrors
  • Tabletops Mirrors
  • Full-Length Mirror
  • Hanging mirrors

Antique Mirrors
These are full of character and rich in history. Placed on a wall, they can provide a great talking point, and can prove an excellent centerpiece for a room.

Beveled Mirrors
A mirror with a beveled edge can create subtle effects and reflections within a room. Beveled mirrors are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their elegance, and are available in a large number of different styles.

Framed Mirrors
These ornate mirrors can look stunning in any room. Again, these can be full of character, and add richness to both traditional and contemporary settings.

Lighting Mirrors
Stunning visual effects or subtle colored hues are two of the different options at your disposal if you are looking for a lighting mirror.

Tabletops Mirrors
In the right setting, it adds a touch of elegance to any room. Mirrors can be cut to fit any tabletop, no matter how large or small. Lightweight items can be placed on top of the glass to complete the design.

Full-Length Mirror
With large wall mirrors from Alpha Glass & Mirrors, any room will be larger and brighter. Take advantage of decorative mirrors to maximize light and add a touch of elegance. Professionals from the Glass Doctor can turn your home design dreams into reality.

Hanging Mirrors
We offer a variety of custom mirrors to provide beautiful artwork for any room in your home or office. Hanging Mirrors enhance hanging artwork in your home and direct light into darkened spaces.

You can choose from a wide range of Custom Mirrors Glass Services at Alpha Glass & Mirror. Our shop can cut Mirrors to your exact specifications. Call us today for Free Estimate.


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